Introducing the Tom Tom Runner Cardio GPS Watch

Are you looking for a GPS Watch which tracks your run as well as your heart rate? Well the TomTom Runner Cardio is the watch for you! The watch is a simple device for people who want to track their running workouts. It’s pretty rare to find a GPS with a built in heart rate monitor so that is what gives this GPS Watch over it’s competitors.  In addition to heart rate, the device measures the distance, time, pace, speed and calories burned while you run, and displays them on a large, easy-to-read screen. It also displays the time of day.

The best feature of the Runner Cardio is  the built-in heart-rate monitor which makes tracking your heart rate easier than wearing a chest strap. The device’s buttons make it very easy to navigate yourself through the display as well as track your runs in real time.  The watch also comes in a range of sophisticated, contrasting colours including  white and black, and the strap comes in red, black, green and grey. The design is somewhat masculine but at the same time contemporary with its thick strap and organic design.


Accessing and activating the watch’s tracking features was  user friendly and i didn’t even need to read the user manual to find out how to connect the GPS as this was an automatic process. With many of the GPS watches, it’s really hard to pick up a signal but i found with the TomTom it was almost automatic when picking up the signal. This will come in handy when competing because sometimes it’s stressful waiting at the start line and the watch doesn’t pick up the signal.


One thing which i love about this watch is that you can pair it with your smart phone device. The TomTom Runner Cardio, syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Tom Tom MySports application  which can be downloaded for free from an app store for iOS or Android. The first time you use the app, you have to link your watch to your MySports account using a computer, which is relatively straightforward. The app then displays your workouts by date, including the distance and duration of your runs. You can also view each workout to see more info, including calories burned, pace, elevation gain, heart rate and stride, as well as a map of your run. The app will create charts of some of these metrics over time, which could be useful if you are training for an event like a race. The app lets you set goals for distance, time and calories, or measure laps or times you want to achieve, and then motivates you to strive for these goals by giving you text reminders about your activity. For example, when I went from running to walking too quickly at the end of my workout, the watch alerted me to my “poor recovery.”

For all you tread mill runners you can also use the watch without the GPS feature on a treadmill, but the distance tracking may not be as accurate.  The Runner Cardio can be used for swimming as well which is proof this watch is versatile and let’s face it- As runners we all love to do a bit of cross-training every now and again.

Definitely keep an eye out for the Tom Tom Runner Cardio GPS Watch. it’s the perfect watch for the social runner all the way up to the competitive runner.

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Leader of the Track is a huge fan of the Tom Tom Runner Cardio GPS Watch and we can’t wait for our readers to view our runs and see our results based upon the data.