Escape to the trails of Summer bay.

If you are looking for a trail with spectacular 360 degree views, the Barrenjoey Lighthouse run is the perfect run which features some steep elevation before evening out to a rocky, sandstone peninsula with incredible views. Barrenjoey Lighthouse sits at Sydney’s most northern point – Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach. it features commonly on Australia’s hit T.V Show, Home and Away. 

Positioned 91m above sea level, the lighthouse can be reached from the bayside of palm beach. Parking is close by and costs $3.50 per hour which is definitely worth it, particularly when you reach the lighthouse and it’s surrounding escarpments.  To get to the light house, take the picturesque 1km walking track (which you can easily run) offering outstanding views along the track.  For those of you who love the Palm Beach dunes, there is the Smugglers track close by to the dune which also gets you to the top. This is a killer workout, involving many sandstone steps. It would definitely work your quads, calves and glutes by the time you reach the lighthouse.  According to National Parks NSW, the term “Smuggler” gets its name from the customs officers who built the track around 1850 to monitor any smugglers bringing contraband into Broken Bay. 

Once you reach the top, there are some amazing trails which go all the way round the headland. Don’t be afraid to go off track and leap across the sand stone which covers the peninsula. Don;t forget to bring your phones too, to take some amazing pictures! Since the recent bush fires, the fires have made way to some exciting new trails which lead right up to the cliffs edge. the views are breath taking! 

Just a brief history on the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, it was Built in 1881 from sandstone quarried on site, the lighthouse, its oil room and keepers’ cottages remain unpainted in the original stone finish. Whilst you are running, you should stop there for a quick break and check out the inside if you can.


If you are wanting to escape from the city, head to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse and i assure you, it won’t disappoint!