Leading Locations: Mt Tomaree

If you are after a relatively short invigorating mountain run which is half footpath, half trail, take the run to the summit of Tomaree Head, 161m above the Port Stephens entrance. As you  make your way up the track you’ll enjoy unparalleled views of one of N.S.W’s  best hidden getaways,  Shoal Bay and it’s surrounding areas. The best thing about the run is the view rom the top. You can even see as far as Cabbage Tree and Boondelbah islands. Both these islands are nature reserves and are the world’s only nesting sites for the endangered Gould’s petrel.

For the first couple of hundred meters you will have a concrete trail. This part of the run will get the heart rate going as it is relatively steep. When you reach the ladder, you can choose to climb or run/climb the ladder which will take you up to some metal bridges before you hit a nice trail which leads you almost to the top. The views along the way are absolutely spectacular.

At the summit you can enjoy panoramic views of Yacaaba Head, Cabbage Tree, Boondelbah and Broughton Islands from the north platform. From the south platform, views of Zenith, Wreck and Box Beaches, Fingal Island and Point Stephens Lighthouse will be sure to impress. On the way down, you should take a detour and check out the World War 2, Gun Replacements.

The session i did on Mt Tomaree included 8 x 800m runs up the mountain with jog back recovery. If you go early enough in the morning you will avoid the crowds and hopefully capture a stunning sunrise, along with peace and serenity.

Mt Tomaree is located in Shoal Bay, N.S.W, Australia.