“SKINS new DNAmic range combines compression with vibrant designs to create the ultimate active wear for athletes looking to increase their training intensity. Featuring SKINS revolutionary Dynamic Gradient Compression and a variety of garments to choose from, the SKINS DNAmic range is designed to power you through your warm-up to workout, whatever your sport.” (https://www.skins.net/au/men/range/dnamic.html)

As a trail runner, I had the pleasure of  receiving the brand new SKINS compression DNAmic superpose half tights and sleeveless top along with the calf compression tights. I was also lucky enough to escape to Mollymook for the weekend to test the kit out on some amazing trails along the rugged coast line. Usually on a tempo over a long distance of 20k my quads and calves cease towards the end of the run, so wearing the new SKINS DNAmic range would be a good test to see if i could gain some extra blood flow to the muscles which in essence, should allow me to run harder.

Throughout my tempo  i didn’t notice any notable changes at the beginning of the run, however, around the 15k mark, as anticipated, my quads and calves didn’t feel as sore, particularly on the uphill sections of the run where i had to really drive up some steep steps and large rocks which involved some climbing. More importantly, the biggest change i noticed was after the run. I did my usual cool down and stretching, but my recovery seemed to be quicker and my legs felt fantastic that afternoon for my second session which was a steep trail run up Pigeon House mountain.

The designs of the new DNAmic range are very striking and sleek in colour choice, particularly the black and white stripe pattern designed by  Sydney based street artist – James Jirat Patradoon.

I highly recommend the DNAmic range to all trail runners as i believe the gear will help for a long run and also with the recovery process post run.

The range is available here and comes in both a men’s and women’s range.